Learn more about how we renovated the historic Lund Building to create Norm's of Yakima.

Construction Update 12/21/2017

The beer cooler has been stained, the front facade is almost finished and the bar top resin has been poured!

Construction Update 12/4/2017

The beer cooler has been refaced, the new penny top bar has been built and drywall is in.

Construction Update 11/14/2017

The flooring is in!

Construction Update 11/3/2017

The front facade is almost built and the framing for the front entrance has been constructed. New sub floor has been installed throughtout the space.

Construction Update 10/26/2017

The street entry for the front of the restaurant had been poured and new sub floor is in the progress of being installed. The old bar is being removed and a new one will be built.

Construction Update 10/16/2017

Demolition of the front facade is in progress. The original dividing wall behind the bar has been removed to open up the space. The finished space will have a long bar that starts where the original bar is located now and continue toward the back of the restaurant. Floor leveling is also in progress.